Does Inflation Impact All of Us?

Since our entire charity is based around food insecurity in school-aged children, it’s important to look at how inflation is impacting these children and their families.

The Brookings Institution came out with a report in March 2022 that says what we already know: Inflation could wreak vengeance on the world’s poor. “Low- and middle-income households tend to be more vulnerable to high inflation than wealthier households.” That’s a fact.

They share an important comparison between high- and low-income houses. In a high-income house, it’s easier to switch to ‘cheaper’ food and goods to save money. They still have resources to buy bulk, travel further to spend less, and take advantage of sales.

Low-income households don’t have these advantages. So, any increase in costs is even harder on them. After all, once you’re buying the cheapest food possible, you can’t save any more money on food.

Inflation and Charitable Organizations

More children are going hungry on Long Island than last year because inflation is making it harder to keep food in the fridge. It’s also making it harder for us to fill the same number of backpacks as last year- let alone scale up to meet the increased needs.

Reports suggest that the price of food has gone up anywhere from 2-5% in the past six months. That is impacting us every week. Plus, we know that our regular donors are also facing harder financial times because of inflation.

Please keep us in mind if you have the resources to donate food or money. It goes toward making a big difference to some of those who have been hardest hit by inflation.