Thank You!

It was a really fun time at the 3rd annual AHEPA Chapter 319 car show. Held at the Greek Orthodox Church of the Assumption in Port Jeff, this event was such a great way to bring the community together!

Thank you to everybody who came to support us at the Lake Grove Raymour & Flanigan for our raffle there on May 19th!

From the store employees, to the customers, to our very own volunteers, everybody was so incredibly kind and generous, and made the event such a beautiful experience.

And of course thank you to our sponsor @1061bli

Our mission to feed hungry children across Long Island would be impossible without the support of our remarkable community.

Congratulations to our lucky raffle winners, and keep an eye out for info regarding our next event!

“Ceriously” Grateful to the Terryville Student Council and Terryville Road Elementary School PTA!

We are “ceriously” grateful for the Terryville student council and the Terryville Road Elementary School PTA. For “Joe’s Day of Service 2024” in honor of the late great Dr. Rella, Terryville organized a week long food drive for Agape Meals for Kids, culminating in Cereal Dominoes through their hallways. Thank you, Terryville!

Heartfelt Thanks to Patricia Poggi and Ej’s Pj’s for Your Generous Pajama Donation!

Thank you, Patricia Poggi and Ej’s Pj’s, for donating pajamas to all the children in our Agape Meals for Kids program! Your kindness brings comfort and smiles to our little ones. We’re incredibly grateful for your generous spirit and the joy you bring to our kids!

Thank you Willets Road Middle School! The food drive you hosted through May leading up to your amazing performance of Annie Jr has helped us so much in our fight against childhood food insecurity on Long Island!

Thank you to the Girl Scouts of Suffolk County for using your Food for Friends program to help our cause!!

Tuning In to Generosity: How Radio Station 106.1 BLI is Supporting Agape Meals for Kids

At the beginning of 2024, Agape Meals for Kids received some incredible news: Local radio station 106.1 BLI wanted to know how they could help us!

Since then, they’ve done an incredible job of promoting events for Agape, sharing about childhood hunger, and being all-around fantastic sponsors.

WBLI has provided radio spots for us to promote various events around our communities, placed all our events in their online events calendar, and attend our events to provide onsite, live promotion and entertainment!

We are truly fortunate to have such a wonderful partner working alongside us to end childhood hunger on Long Island.

Thank you, 106.1 BLI!

A Huge Thank You To The Long Island Museum!

A HUGE thank you to Lisa Unander, Karen Romanelli, and everyone at The Long Island Museum for their incredible generosity and support!

Thanks to their efforts in organizing and running a food drive, we received a significant donation of food items for Agape Meals for Kids. This will help us continue to provide meals, drinks, and snacks to children in our community living with food insecurity.

Your kindness and compassion make a real difference, and we are deeply grateful for your support. Thank you for being a part of our mission to end childhood hunger on Long Island!

A Huge Thank You to Dena and the Miller Place High School

Dena, a student from Millar Place High School and volunteer for Agape Meals for Kids, with the help of Ms. Holmes, Miller Place HS Service Club Advisor, collected. They then combined the donations from the run with food donations from the Miller Place HS food pantry and donated it all to Agape Meals for Kids. Sending Agape Love to Dena, Ms. Holmes and all the people who supported them at Miller Place HS! 

When’s the last time you jumped to your feet after a theatre production? Too long ago?

It’s time for a shout out to Theatre Three! Their passion for top-quality performances is only matched by their dedication to giving back. Every time the curtain rises, they transport their audiences to a place of entertainment, laughter, and escape.

But that’s not all! At every performance, they’re also championing Agape’s cause by collecting non-perishable donations and sharing our mission with patrons.

We are so grateful for the continued support from our friends at Theatre Three.

It is well worth booking tickets to see their next production! They always put on an excellent show, and together, we’re making a difference in the lives of local children in our communities.

The Titanium Twirlers were our lucky charm this past weekend!

They chose to support Agape Meals for Kids during their Shamrock Showdown, and collected lots of non-perishable food donations, plus cash raised during a raffle.

A special thank you goes out to Coach Cassy Broadway for her leadership and to our amazing volunteer, Maya Dilone, who connected the twirlers with Agape!

Thank you, Titanium Twirlers, for twirling your way into the hearts of those we serve and showing such amazing generosity and community spirit!

Thank You Boyle Road Elementary!

A Big Thank You to Boyle Road Elementary!

Teacher Brooke Leo and students at Boyle Road Elementary decided to do a cereal drive for Agape Meals for Kids. And they were really successful!

These caring children and teachers collected 150 boxes of cereal for our backpack program! We are so encouraged by this effort and are grateful for schools that help their students understand problems in our community and how to make a difference!

With support like this, we continue to work toward our goal of ending childhood hunger on Long Island.

Thank you Boyle Road Elementary!!!

A Big Shout Out to Clinton and Terryville Elementary Schools

We want to send a shout-out to Principal Pearl, Clinton Elementary School, the Student Council of Terryville Elementary School, and Student Council Advisor Dana Urbinati. They worked together on a Super Bowl where they collected soup and mac & cheese for Agape Meals for Kids!

To Principal Pearl, Dana Urbinati, the students, and everyone who worked on this event – thank you very much! We’re so lucky to have such wonderful students and faculty in our community. Let’s keep this spirit of generosity going!

The St. Paraskevi Ladies Philoptochos have done it again!

They continue to be ardent supporters of Agape Meals for Kids, and we are so grateful for them.

For this past holiday season, they ran a fundraiser where they raised $2450 in gift cards for Stop & Shop and presented them to us!

As you all know, being able to buy the things we need for the backpacks is an important part of providing full backpacks every weekend. With this incredible support from the Ladies Philoptochos, we will continue to buy meals, snacks, and drinks to keep those backpacks brimming with goodness (and a little fun).

Thank you, ladies, for your kindness and generosity, and for always supporting us! We are honored to be a part of your network.

We extend our warmest thanks to the amazing Book Fairies who, like magical guardians of literature, have brought the gift of beautiful books to the children at Agape Meals for Kids.

Your generous contribution has added an extra layer of joy to our holiday bags, creating moments of wonder and imagination for the young minds we serve.

Wishing you a magical holiday season filled with joy, love, and the warmth that comes from knowing you’ve made a difference in the lives of others.

We are so grateful for the Starbucks team for partnering with Agape meals.

This heartwarming gesture of packing up meals for kids in need does not go unnoticed. A small act that makes a big impact to these children.

A Big Thank You to Our Young Heroes!

The amazing Girl Scouts of Suffolk County have been hard at work. Thanks to their Food for Friends project, they’ve collected over 1500 pounds of food to help feed local children in need – with more to come!

These young superheroes have shown us the power of kindness, teamwork, and compassion. Their efforts are ensuring that hundreds of children in our area have access to nutritious meals every weekend. It’s not just about the food; it’s about giving hope and spreading smiles.

To the Girl Scouts of Suffolk County: You are incredible! Your hard work and big hearts are making our community a better place. Thank you for reminding us that we can create positive change, no matter our age. You are truly inspiring!

🌟🍲✨ St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Shrine Church in Flushing has been the heart and soul of giving! We’re thrilled to share the amazing success of their recent food drive for Agape Meals for Kids.

Thanks to their incredible generosity and support, they’ve collected an abundance of nutritious meals and essentials for the children in need. Their kindness is making a tangible difference in the lives of many. 🌈❤️

This wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication of their community. Their donations and time have brought warmth and nourishment to those who need it most. 🙌🍎

Let’s continue spreading love and care, making a difference together.

Special thank you to their Ladies Philoptochos, Parish, and GOYA!

A huge shoutout to the wonderful parish of St. George and their Philoptochos members, in Norwalk, CT, for their incredible collection for Agape Meals for Kids!

They’ve gathered pancake mix and syrup to make Thanksgiving breakfasts for kids in our backpack program. This means that every family will enjoy a lovely pancake breakfast over Thanksgiving – something that will help make sweet memories during these hard times.

Special thanks to the Philoptochos President, Despina Taiyanides, for spearheading this heartwarming effort. Your dedication and kindness are so appreciated!

A Huge Thank You to The Holy Resurrection GOYANS!

Recently, something truly special happened. A group of incredible teenagers from The Holy Resurrection GOYA in Brookville invited Agape Meals for Kids to speak with them about childhood hunger and food insecurity on Long Island. Then, they immediately turned their compassion into action by preparing over 200 snack bags for children in our communities.

The teenager’s dedication and empathy towards understanding and addressing food insecurity in our community is an incredible thing to see. It’s young hearts and hands like these that bring hope and make a real difference.

Thank you, GOYANS, for reminding us all about the power of youth in driving positive change. There will be over 200 children enjoying snacks directly because of you. And we know that you’ll do more amazing things in the future.

Let’s give it up for these amazing young individuals!

Let’s give a huge shout out to Rose Scotto and Heritage Trust for their kindness and generosity!

As Thanksgiving approaches, we’re seeing many wonderful things happen…

Rose Scotto and the good people at Heritage Trust are helping us make this holiday season extra special for the kids in our local backpack program. They collected 30 sets of pancake syrup and pancake mix to ensure these wonderful children can enjoy a sweet Thanksgiving breakfast.

This thoughtful gesture goes beyond just providing a meal. It’s about spreading joy, sharing warmth, and creating smiles on the faces of children who deserve all the happiness in the world.

🙌 Gratitude Overflowing to Troop Leader Lisa Underer & Setauket Troop 1343! 🙌

A heartfelt THANK YOU to the amazing Girl Scout Troop 1343! 🌟 Your recent food drive has left us speechless and our hearts full of gratitude. ❤️🥫

Your dedication and hard work in collecting non-perishable food items for Agape Meals for Kids has made a real difference in the lives of children facing food insecurity. Your generosity will ensure that they have nutritious meals over the weekends.

🥪🥛 We are so grateful for your commitment to our community and the well-being of our kids. Lisa, your leadership and Troop 1343’s collective efforts have truly made an impact.

👏 Let’s continue to work together to create positive change and address the issue of child hunger. Your support is invaluable, and we can’t thank you enough for being a part of this mission.

Thank You Thermo Fisher Scientific!

What do baking, kind people, and Thermo Fisher Scientific have in common? Together, they make a fantastic fundraiser!

The amazing Pam Jones-Nill has organized another fundraiser at Thermo Fisher Scientific. Along with a generous matching donation from the company, this time they raised $1700 for Agape Meals for Kids!

Over and over this group of people gets together, makes some magic in the kitchen, and donates the proceeds to Agape. And we are so grateful for their continued support!

Thank you Pam Jones Nill and the employees and leadership at Thermo Fisher Scientific for once again showing your incredible support for the children in our community!

Thank you so much Raymour & Flanigan for your generous support!

We wanted to share a very special thank you to Raymour & Flanigan in Lake Grove. As you probably know, they hosted a beautiful fundraiser for Agape a few weekends ago.

That fundraiser was such a gift to Agape! But in addition to all they did, this local business also donated $500 to us. That will go a long way in helping us to fill backpacks.

We are so grateful to partners like Raymour & Flanigan who go above and beyond to help us feed hungry children. Together, we CAN end childhood hunger on Long Island!

🌟 Gratitude Alert! 🌟

We want to extend a huge thank you to Marisa Pizza and the Farmingville Chamber of Commerce for hosting the incredible Pumpkin Picking event! 🎃🍂 But it wasn’t just about the pumpkins, it was about spreading love and kindness too! ❤️

This event was not only fun for all who attended but also a tremendous support to our organization, Agape Meals for Kids. 🍽️ The Chamber of Commerce collected nonperishable food items for us, ensuring that we can continue providing meals for children in need.

Your generosity warms our hearts, and we can’t thank you enough for your dedication to our cause. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of the children we serve! 🧡💚

Thank you, Local Church for caring so much about feeding children on Long Island!

A heartfelt thank you to Local Church and Pastors Emily and Mike Liebler for their generous donation!

They collected 400 pounds of non-perishable food and $500 for Agape Meals for Kids. This is making a big difference in our ability to keep those backpacks filled!

Gratitude Spotlight: Theatre Three’s Generous Support

We have an exciting shoutout today to our amazing local theatre – Theatre Three!

They placed a full-page ad in the playbill for The Prom to support Agape Meals for Kids. This contribution not only raises awareness but also demonstrates their dedication to making a positive impact in our community. And the cast and crew of The Prom collected donations for Agape at the same time!

Thank you Theatre Three, Vivian Koutrakos, Jeffrey Sanzel, and all the cast and crew for your ongoing support and for helping us feed the children in our communities. We’re excited about the future and the impact we can create together!

Let’s give a virtual round of applause to this fantastic theatre!

A Huge Thank You to AHEPA 319!

Their unwavering commitment to our cause has made a significant impact in our mission to provide nutritious meals to children in need. With their donation, we can continue to ensure that every child has access to wholesome food, promoting their growth and well-being.

Once again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts, AHEPA 319, for your exceptional generosity and for being an invaluable partner in our mission. Together, we are making a lasting impact on the lives of children, one meal at a time.

Wading River Elementary School is Spreading Joy and Kindness!

We are incredibly proud to share the heartwarming initiative by Wading River Elementary School. The entire school came together to create lovely cards for all the children receiving backpacks from Agape Meals for Kids.

The students poured their hearts into each card, personalizing them with creativity and empathy. The result? A beautiful collection of heartfelt messages that will bring smiles to the faces of these amazing children, and remind them that they are important.

We want to express our deepest gratitude to the teachers and staff for fostering a culture of compassion and unity. Your commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals is truly inspiring.

A special shout-out to the incredible children who took part in this project! Your kindness and thoughtfulness have made a lasting impact on the lives of others.

Once again we extend our deepest thanks for your compassion and generosity!

Sending a huge thank you to Theatre Three’s Vivian Koutrakos, Jeffrey Sanzel, and the entire cast and crew of ‘Something Rotten!’. By organizing an ongoing food drive and encouraging theatergoers to contribute, Theatre Three has demonstrated a remarkable commitment to giving back and making a difference in the lives of Long Island children in need.

Take a look at this incredible donation made by St. Nicholas parish in Flushing, Queens!

Thank you to Terryville Elementary and Clinton Elementary for choosing to support Agape Meals
for Kids during their annual Souper Bowl Canned Food Drive!

Terryville Student Council and Clinton Elementary did an amazing job of spreading the word and collecting canned food. Now, all those donations are going right into the backpacks Agape Meals for Kids prepares each week.

You showed us how the power of teamwork and community spirit can really make a difference.
Thank you!

And a huge thanks to the teachers, staff, students, and families who all pitched in to make this
food drive a success. You’re the best!

We’re Celebrating Recognition and Support!

We are thrilled and grateful to announce that Agape Meals for Kids has been formally recognized by the Comsewogue Board of Education during their recent board meeting.

They acknowledged the role that Agape plays in supporting students within the district through our backpack program and provided us with a certificate of recognition. We want to especially thank Amanda Prinz and Dana Urbinati for the work they did towards these efforts!

We’re also excited to share that Agape Meals for Kids has been included in the Career Advisory Committee Meeting at the Comsewogue High School. This opportunity allows us to collaborate and provide valuable resources for students.

Sending a huge thank you to the Comsewogue Board of Education for their recognition and support. Together, we can end childhood hunger on Long Island.

A Big Thank You to the Miller Avenue 2nd Grade Student Council and Miller Avenue PTO!

We are absolutely thrilled to extend our deepest gratitude and appreciation to the 2nd Grade Student Council and PTO at Miller Avenue for their outstanding efforts in organizing their 4th annual St. Patrick’s Day fundraiser. ☘️

They raised a whopping $475 for Agape Meals for Kids! These funds are going straight to making sure every backpack we hand out is full of fun and nutritious food for the weekend. It will ensure that kids who need it the most won’t go hungry.

In this photo, our wonderful volunteer delivery drivers Debbie and Billy are accepting the check on behalf of Agape.

To the Miller Avenue 2nd Grade Student Council and PTO, thank you so much!

Thank You Lift Jesus Higher Fellowship!

Today, we want to take a moment to recognize and express our deepest gratitude to Lift Jesus Higher Fellowship for their unwavering commitment to making a difference in our community. Their incredible generosity and dedication to serving others are truly remarkable.

By becoming a monthly supporter of Agape Meals for Kids, they have demonstrated a profound understanding of the importance of extending a helping hand to those in need. Their selfless contributions are an important part of the filled backpacks that go out every week.

But their impact goes far beyond financial support. We believe that Lift Jesus Higher Fellowship’s involvement embodies the true spirit of service, kindness, and giving.

Join us in extending a heartfelt thank you to them for their extraordinary commitment to serving others!

Terryville Elementary School has done it again!

You might remember reading about their Souper Bowl fundraiser. Or how they made Christmas cards, and then stuffed Easter Eggs for Agape backpack recipients.

Well, they just finished a food drive for Agape Meals for Kids and collected over 600 pounds of food, including 250 cereal boxes!

This school community is full of compassionate and active students and staff who are making a difference in our world. Thank you to each of you, and to teacher/advisor Ms. Dana Urbinati, Ms. Madison Urraro, and Ms. Kendra for your support!

Thank you so much to the St. George Ladies Philoptochos and St. George Parish!

We were so blessed to receive our first donations from Connecticut! The St. George Ladies Philoptochos in Norwalk CT ran a big food drive for Agape Meals for Kids, and we are so grateful for their support.

It’s so encouraging to know that good people everywhere care deeply about our children and are willing to work hard to support backpack programs like Agape.

Thank you so much to the St. George Ladies Philoptochos and St. George Parish in Norwalk, CT. Your donations and the lovely reusable bags you used to pack them are already helping us work to end childhood hunger on Long Island.

The Book Fairies have delivered more magic!

We were so honored to be invited to the Book Fairies home base where we chose nearly 500 books. These priceless treasures will go into special Spring Break bags for all of the children who receive Agape Meals for Kids backpacks.

Your donation of books gives children in need access to the transformative power of reading. We are grateful for your support in our mission because we know that empowering young minds is as important as making sure they have food to eat. We cannot thank you enough for your generosity.

It is especially meaningful to us that this is the second time this year that Book Fairies has supported Agape. Your ongoing commitment to our cause demonstrates a level of dedication that is so encouraging.

Thank you, Book Fairies!

Cereal Box Dominoes through the Hallways!

Recently we received a very touching and heartwarming message from a teacher at Boyle Elementary whose students receive Agape Meals. In the letter she said, “I truly appreciate your generosity and it brings me so much comfort knowing they’re well fed throughout the weekends.”

She went on to share that her students wanted to give back and chose to run a cereal food drive for Agape Meals for Kids. They set up cereal box dominoes down the hallways before giving us 147 boxes of cereal! It’s overwhelming to see their eagerness to give back and to donate. They are an inspiration to us all!

Kudos to this teacher for helping her students follow their hearts and take real action to help others.

St. Paraskevi Church Shines a Light on Faith in Action

The Ladies Philoptochos of St. Paraskevi have once again demonstrated the power of faith in
action. This dedicated group of women recently participated in the District’s Children’s
Weekend Backpack Food Drive Collection and selected Agape Meals for Kids as the recipient of
their generous donations.

The result was a collection of food, drinks, and snacks that will make a real difference as we
continue to work hard to ensure that each child registered with Agape receives a full backpack
of weekend food every Friday.

The generosity and thoughtfulness of the Ladies Philoptochos of St. Paraskevi are making a
meaningful impact in the lives of many children in our community. We know that St. Paraskevi
Church is proud to have such dedicated and compassionate members.

The Ladies Philoptochos have once again shown that faith and action go hand in hand.
Thank you so much!

Five Stars for the students at Boyle Elementary

Students at Boyle Elementary School took action. They ran a book drive to collect books for our Spread the Love Valentine’s Day campaign.

We’re giving every child receiving an Agape backpack a special gift of a brand-new backpack, books, and PB&J for Valentine’s Day and the Presidents’ Week break. With the help of this book drive, we’ve collected enough books to hand out generously!

To the Boyle Elementary students: Collecting and donating books is not just a great way to support your community, but it also teaches important values such as empathy, compassion, and responsibility. We are so proud of each one of you for making a positive impact and for giving so generously to others.

We hope this experience inspires you to continue making a positive impact and to continue making a difference in the world.

A Souper Bowl of Caring!

Thank you to Terryville Elementary and Clinton Elementary for choosing to support Agape Meals
for Kids during their annual Souper Bowl Canned Food Drive!

Terryville Student Council and Clinton Elementary did an amazing job of spreading the word and collecting canned food. Now, all those donations are going right into the backpacks Agape Meals for Kids prepares each week.

You showed us how the power of teamwork and community spirit can really make a difference.
Thank you!

And a huge thanks to the teachers, staff, students, and families who all pitched in to make this
food drive a success. You’re the best!

Thank you School of Rock!

We’re giving a standing ovation to the School of Rock of Port Jeff Station!

They gave amazing performances over the weekend at the Suffolk Theatre. But that’s not all! For each performance, they encouraged everyone to bring non-perishable food items to donate to Agape Meals for Kids.

We are so grateful to have talented, caring musicians in this community who use their gifts to
help others. The food collected is already making a difference to children living with food
insecurity right here in our communities.

Thank you to the School of Rock for your kindness and generosity!

Thank You Georgia Misoulis and Kimco Realty!

We are so grateful to Kimco Realty for the time, resources and care they put into 50 filled backpacks. They looked amazing and everything was used and enjoyed by the children who received them! These backpacks show how much you truly care about the children you’re helping, and it was such a joy to distribute them.

Thank You Decision Women!

We are excited to share the amazing gift we received from Decision Women. This phenomenal group of women made up over 45 packages of food for Agape Meals for Kids and decorated the packages beautifully!

It’s so encouraging to have people like this support Agape and help make a difference in the lives of children on Long Island.

Thank you, Decision Women, for your support!

Thank You Thermo Fisher Scientific!

Thank you to Pam Jones-Nill and to all the amazing bakers at Thermo Scientific,

We want you to know how much we appreciate each one of you, and all the time, effort, and ingredients that you put into the bake sale for Agape Meals for Kids!

The baking each of you did must have been fantastic, because the bake sale raised an incredible amount for Agape Meals for Kids.

We know about the high cost of food and baking ingredients because every week we’re purchasing food to fill backpacks. For you to choose to use your resources to help us out means the world.

Thank you, Caryn and Troy Albert!

Thank you so much to Caryn and Troy Albert who didn’t hesitate to help with purchasing pancake mix and syrup for our Thanksgiving pancake breakfast. Their children, friends, and Peconic Hockey athletes spent time decorating gift bags and creating messages of care in addition to purchasing the pancake meal ingredients. We learned that the Agape children were so excited to get their bags and it made their Thanksgiving day more special. Thank you again for your very generous support!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and a big heartfelt thank you to all of our generous donors!

It’s because of you that every Agape child will have a special pancake and hot cocoa breakfast to enjoy with their families.

This gift of care will make this Thanksgiving special and happier for the children in our program.

Again wishing you all good health and happiness this Thanksgiving!

Thank you, Celeste and Tri Fit!

We’re sending out a strong thank you to Celeste Rice and Tri Fit Physical Therapy! Celeste set up a donation bin for Agape Meals for Kids at Tri Fit and collected over 130 lbs of food. Wow!

We love that you’re helping people live healthier lives and giving back to the community by collecting for Agape. Thank you, Celeste and Tri Fit!

Thank You Parishioners of St. Paraskevi Church in Greenlawn NY

We are so grateful for all the kind and giving hearts at Saint Paraskevi church in Greenlawn, Long Island. You organized and collected enough donations to completely fill 175 backpacks. And then you gave even more time and effort and packed those backpacks. All we need to do is deliver them. Amazing! Every child who receives a backpack is also receiving the gift of Agape from St. Paraskevi church. They will know that they matter, and that people care very much about them. This is a beautiful thing.

We are so thankful for all the generous people at the Heritage Trust! We are excited to be able to send gifts of pancake mix and syrup home with children to enjoy Thanksgiving breakfast with their families. We know that this will make this Thanksgiving more special for them- all because you cared and chose to help.
This is the type of donation that has us smiling as we picture all those families eating together.
It may be one of the only meals they’ve had together in a while. What a beautiful way to celebrate this season of thankfulness!

Thank You Peconic Hockey Foundation!

Wow! Over here at Agape Meals for Kids we’re STILL sorting through all the donations that these young athletes collected over the weekend. We love the character, compassion, and action that the Peconic Hockey Foundation is building through events like this. And we can’t wait to deliver this week’s backpacks and get those donations into the hands of children in our communities. Thank you so much to every athlete and parent who gave their time and energy, to everyone who bought non-perishables to donate, to Stop & Shop for hosting, and to the Peconic Hockey Foundation!

Thank You Theatre Three!

We’re sending a standing ovation to Theatre Three and the cast of Guys and Dolls!

They ran a food drive for Agape Meals and we are so appreciative- thank you!

If you haven’t been to this “Broadway on Main Street,” you need to go! Fantastic talent and beautiful hearts live here.

Thank you Comsewogue Public Library!

“Thank you to the Comsewogue Public Library’s Great Give Back Event on Saturday. The excellent staff did a marvelous job organizing it and 132lbs of food was collected. Thank you so much!”

Thank You Olde Towne Gardens!

Thank you so much for the amazing fundraiser you put together for Agape Meals for Kids. This was the first fundraiser ever for Agape, and we’ll treasure it forever.

We’re grateful for all your support, and the way you’ve all embraced Agape Meals for Kids. With the hurricane’s impact still around us, you managed to put on a wonderful, welcoming event.

We loved listening to Lou Lomangino of Southbound in the greenhouse, guests enjoyed winning fantastic raffle prizes, and we raised much-needed funds for Agape.

Everyone who attended had a truly enjoyable time, and we know that these good feelings carry over to Agape. Just another great thing you’ve done for the organization. It was an honor to work together with you towards the goal of ending childhood hunger on Long Island.

Thank you to the organizers, to the talented musicians, to the many businesses and people that donated prizes, and to all the kind and giving people who came to support Agape!

Thank you Evan and Troop 349!

A little while ago, Eagle Scout Evan Sanders took the time and effort to go out and collect food for Agape Meals for Kids.

We love that the Scouting organization encourages community service. But Evan didn’t do this for any credit or requirement. He just did it to help us out.

We’re inspired by youth like Evan. Thank you for caring about the kids in your community!

Thank you so much Bob Koch and Koch Tree Services Inc. for your donation! We greatly appreciate all of your generosity and support.

A Big-Hearted thank you to Lisa Savino at Atelier Hair Studio for organizing a food drive and collecting so much food with her clients!

Thank You Domenic for bringing all your enthusiasm, energy, and kind heart into your volunteering with Agape Meals for Kids!

Thank You Stop and Shop!!!

Our local Stop and Shop store have been helping us host food drives for Agape Meals for Kids. We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of our local Long Islanders.

Thank you to Rocky Point, Miller Place, South Setauket, and East Setauket Stop and Shop store managers and shoppers! We are so grateful for your compassion and giving hearts toward the vulnerable children of Long Island.

Thank you to Ms. Jillian Otero and the students of Smithtown High School West FAST Summer Program!!!

Thank you all so much for collecting food for our program!

Agape Meals for Kids needs people like you to help us feed hungry children. And you all came through with shining colors!

We love how you got your families to help with collecting food. When you tell others about childhood hunger, you share important information. We hope that when others hear about Agape, they want to help too!

Thank you again for taking your time and using your energy to collect food for Agape Meals for Kids. We hope you know how much you helped us.

Here is a message from the students:

Thank You to the 14 Starbucks stores in our district!

Agape Meals for Kids would like to tell everyone how incredibly generous the Starbucks in our area are! We have been very blessed to have the support of the local Starbucks as their chosen charity for the month of April.

As a small local group solely focused on providing food insecure children here on Long Island with weekend meals, we absolutely rely on the help and kindness of people just like you.

Sometimes it’s hard to see the real people behind big brands. You’ve proven that our local Starbucks stores are powered by pretty wonderful people.

We are so very grateful to all the good Starbucks management and employees in our area who continue to collect food and volunteer for Agape Meals for Kids.

Thank you!