Little Things Make a Difference

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Your Content Goes Here The Ripple Effect: The Gentle Power of Small Acts In life, every action, no matter its size, has the potential to create gentle ripples that reach far and wide. This is the essence of the Ripple Effect—a beautiful reminder that even the smallest acts of kindness

What Does Agape Mean?

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Your Content Goes Here When people hear the name Agape Meals for Kids they may not realize what the word “Agape” really means. Agape is an Ancient Greek Word Ancient Greek distinguishes a number of words for love, with three words being the most prominent: eros, philia, and agape. As

Our Local Children And The Keep Kids Fed Act

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Your Content Goes Here Back when the pandemic started, Congress passed a bill for school lunch waivers. This allowed any child to access school meals without having to pay/prove eligibility. Prior to this, school meals were either full price, reduced price, or free. Families needed to apply for the reduced